A quick post of no substance

Hi kids! Today there are three of us here in our wonderful art department, where there would normally be six. That means I'll only have time for a single quick post today. And this is it.

Tonight I'm going to be taking my son to see The Aquabats in concert. It's in a small venue so I expect that I shall be deaf by the end of the night. I must say, hearing was awfully fun while it lasted!

Trevor will also be going. Even though he forgot to tell me about the concert, he did manage to paint up a new pair of converse high tops with the Aquabats logo. They turned out real nice. He's going to try to get them signed after the concert. Regardless of whether he succeeds I'll post some photos of them at some point this year.

Tomorrow I might have something wondrous for all you out there. I have a couple new drawing programs that I'm trying out. "Real media" programs. If I come up with anything decent I'll put it up. If I don't, that's right, I won't.

Oh yeah, school starts for my chill'ens a week from Thursday. One is excited and one is depressed. You can probably guess which is which.


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