Happy Happy Monday.

Apparently zombies swarmed San Francisco this past weekend.

It's finished, but still cool. This would be fun to do in Denver. Heh. "Things to do in Denver When You're Undead."

I'll try to have something of substance later in the day. I hope you all had a relaxing weekend. Heather and I saw three movies, finished watching the second season of 'Dead Like Me', dealt with a cashier that was so dense that he could have probably benefitted from having a sign dangling in front of him reminding him to breathe, and lost in Derek's Poker Tournament of Fun and Goodies.

The movies: The Devil's Rejects, Wedding Crashers, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2nd viewing). Devil's Rejects was gruesome, well filmed and well acted. Wedding Crashers was incredibly funny ("Are they built for speed or comfort?"). Charlie was just as good the second time around. I will make an effort to own all three. We still need to see Batman Begins.

Dead Like Me - season 2: Absolutely fantastic. If you haven't checked this out you really should. Some of the funniest writing I've seen in a TV show in ages and all of the actors do a wonderful job. It's a shame it's on Showtime since I don't subscribe to any premium cable channels. I want more dammit!

Idiot cashier: Heather wrote all about the incident here. Nothing much to add except that drugs are bad, m'kay? This was the same Wendy's where I ordered through the drive up a few years back, drove around to pick up my food and the first thing the window monkey says to me is, "Sup?" Their hiring standards haven't changed.

Poker: I'm keeping the streak alive! Three times in and three times out. I'm thinking that I really should do some practicing of this here "Poker" thingie. Someone at work was talking about a game that might help me out. It's called "Poker" something or other. Sounds good to me.

An aside, Blogger seems to have finally fixed its post counter. This is 477 for me. My Junk Drawer has over 800, but it's junk. Heh. Still, it's good to get an idea of how much I've been babbling.


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