Apart from that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the concert?*

I was silly when I said I would have something more for you today. I'm dragging so much ass today I need another pair of pants and a few more hands. The concert ran long. We got out at 12:35 am. Home from picking up my daughter by 1:30. Might have fallen asleep by 2. Was supposed to be up at 7. Overslept a tinch and was six minutes late for work. The traffic lights were kind to me this morning.

The good: It was the Aquabats. Trevor got four of the five band members to sign his shoes. I have a sticker... I didn't get beat up by a gang of young freaks, which were there in abundance. Um...

The bad: I will never, NEVER go to that venue again. Good GOD! It was easily 40 degrees hotter in that place than it was outside. And it was a damp, sweat infused, people stink heat. Standing room only. I hate crowds as it is, and there they kept touching me. Ugh. UGGGHHH! And yes, my ears are still ringing. If I ever find myself deaf when I'm older and start to wonder how it could have happened, it would be grand if someone would refer me back to this post so I can read it and go, "Oh. Right." My eyes hurt too, probably from smoke or missing sleep. Or some eye disease that was born through the air on the freak funk. I don't know. About halfway though The Aquabats' song "Red Sweater" I realized I was about to pass out from heat exhaustion. Someday I imagine I'll look back on this and say, "Gosh, that was hot."

Tomorrow I might be back to normal. Whatever that is.

* I know, it's "play" but I wasn't there for a play dammit! And I do feel like I was shot in the head.


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