Welcome to "Name That Comic Book"

Here's a panel from a comic book series that I loved as a child. It's from the first issue which really overreached itself in terms of plot and art direction. It got better.

A few observations about this panel:

- I never realized that The Village Inn was such a rockin' place.

- Look at the size of Bushman's pointing arm! You can tell he's right handed. And lonely.

- I never knew that dancing was worse than death. I know it often feels that way when you suddenly realize just how stupid you look, but given the choice between wiggling around a bit and cooling to room temperature in a pool of my own blood in the street, I'll wiggle. Thanks.

- I really think that the humiliation comes in how they are dancing. They just aren't really trying. No wonder Bushman looks miffed.

If I get enough people to play along I might turn this into another temporary "regular" feature.


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