No post today.

This is an illusion. Your eyes are playing tricks on you. Instead of creating something with which to (hopefully) entertain you today, I was over at Mark's site commenting on a couple of his recent posts. And now my creative reservoir is drained.


In the meantime let me pose a question to you. What would you, my beloved readers, like me to do next out of these choices:

- Write part 5 of the Interview with the Jolly Reaper.

- Answer the remaining Snopes "Unanswerables"

- Make fun of some ridiculous children products that I've had sitting on my desktop for awhile now.

- Make a new CliparToon as the one that's up there now has started to gather dust.

- Draw something. Anything. Maybe a zombie. Or not.

- This is an oldie: Make a new "Portal of Evil cartoon".

I'm not saying that any of that is what I will do, depending on what happens over the next 18 hours or so. But I would like to hear what you have to say.


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