Once more with feeling

A while back when I was talking about making tattoos I had requests from Kif and Justin for custom tattoo design.

Kif's wings were finished and blogged about awhile ago.

Justin wanted a skull with film coming out of its mouth on crossed gobo arms with the heads at the top over a slate. I asked him to send me photos of the gobo arms since I'd never heard of them before. He also sent me a photo of a slate which was very helpful. A couple months ago I sent him an early sketch to see if I had the general idea right. I'd left out the slate since it was basically background. This was the sketch:

It was close, but not quite right. He'd wanted it to be a full skull and rather than have the film like a snake's body he wanted it to be more like a tongue. He did think that having a camera lens for the eye was a good idea though.

After the clarification and direction, I drifted off to other projects for awhile. A couple days ago I resumed work on it and this is where it stands:

Now I'm just waiting to hear what he thinks of it.


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