Mixed Bag Monday.

This was a movie watching weekend. Lots of movies watched. So many... Here's the list and a brief review of each:

Overnight - This is a behind the scenes documentary of the destruction of an ego. Specifically, the ego of the writer/director/musician of the movie "The Boondock Saints". Overall I found it interesting, in a train wreck sort of way. Somehow he managed to spring back from defeat because he's working on "the Boondock Saints 2", which after watching this documentary I'm really curious as to how he got another chance.

In Good Company - This movie stars Eric from "That 70s Show"; Topher Grace. According to IMDB his real first name is Christopher, but he hated being called "Chris" so he changed it to "Topher". Makes sense to me. Overall the movie was non-offensive, but it could have been told in 1/3 the time. It was slooooow. I also had a very hard time accepting the "romance" between Topher and Scarlett Johansson. I really didn't feel it. It seemed like it existed solely because of the script, in spite of how much she looks like Donna with a smaller nose. So it was a "watch once" film for me.

The Jacket - Starring Adrien Brody. I enjoyed this one quite a bit. It had a "12 Monkeys" feel, except instead of going back, he was going forward. I won't give away any of the plot. Just suffice it to say that it involves brain damage and death, and when is THAT not fun? I also must say that apart from Calista Flockhart, nobody can pull off emaciated like Adrien.

Donnie Darko (Director's Cut) - I liked it but after one viewing I have NO idea what happened. I thought I did but it still doesn't make sense if I examine it too closely. Yet I can't muster up the enthusiasm to watch it again.

Taking Lives - This was a decent thriller even though I figured out who the serial killer was moments after seeing him. Then it was just a matter of figuring out his game. There was a nice twist at the very end though.

Memento - I'd seen it before, but Heather hadn't and I really wanted her to. She enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching it again, even after already knowing how it goes. It held up well.

The Brothers Grimm (in the theater) - Holy crap! Evening tickets are expensive! Damn! Still, I'm glad we went. This was a fun movie. I wouldn't mind seeing it again, but I'm also a big fan of pretty much every Terry Gilliam movie, so take that as you will. I see it's not doing so well at Rotten Tomatoes.

We also finished off "Freaks & Geeks" and "Wonderfalls" and watched the rest of season two of "Black Adder" and a few more episodes of "Titus" and "Sex in the City". All good, but both "Freaks & Geeks" and "Wonderfalls" ended much too soon.


This spam isn't worthy of its own post, but it amused me:

Subject: Incredible prices for best drugs

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The store is VERIFIED BY BBB and APPROVED BY VISA! (Rrrrrrright.)

Last, here's the final version of Justin's tattoo:


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