I'm having trouble getting into this week. I feel displaced. It happens. I really, really wanted to have the next part of the interview up for your enjoyment, but since I haven't written it yet that's kinda hard. Alternatively I would like to have some drawings for you, but every time I try to draw something for the last several days I can't. Then I was racking my brain for an interesting story to relate but came up empty. Yes. My brain is empty.

Well, almost empty.

One thing did come to mind. It's another story about our former co-worker "Sunny". The one who is married to the mighty sodomite. It's a short one. Here it goes.

"Sunny" once bought meat from a guy who was going door to door selling... meat. Not for a local meat packing company or anything. As far as I know we don't have a meat packing company around here.

He was just this guy – I'm reasonably sure she described him as "a bit scruffy looking" – with a cooler full of meat that he wanted to sell, and apparently the best way to do that in his mind was to go around to strangers homes at night, knock on the doors and when someone answered say something like, "Gotsum meat wantsum?" while grinning in a friendly way. Perhaps with banjo music playing softly in the background.

There must have been something to it because "Sunny" boughtsum.

I guess she didn't want to tell the nice scruffy man, "No. I'm not really keen on your meat." or something.

Derek probably remembers how much she paid. I'm thinking around $30 or so.

The next day while telling us about it she asked, "Do you think I should eat it? I probably shouldn't. Should I?"

... That's the best time for second thoughts. A day later. I have no idea if she ever ate it or not.

You've been wonderful. See you tomorrow.


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