Look at me, answerin' questions.


Here's how you can play the interview game:
1. Leave me a comment which says "interview me" (or something similar). The first five commenters will be the participants.

2. I will follow up this (awe inspiring) post with the questions for those who would participate, 5 queries per participant (all customized!).

3. Participants will update their respective blog/site with the answers to the aformentioned questions.

4. In addition, participants will include this set of rules and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, participants will ask them five questions. (Write your own questions or borrow some.)

Derek asks the following:

1. Back when you enlisted, please to enlighten as to what your motivation was for joining the Air Force?
My father was a retired SMSgt in the Air Force. When I graduated I was given two choices. Either join the military or start paying rent. My job at the movie theater didn't pay enough for me to afford rent, so I enlisted. And boy if it wasn't a hoot.

2. Given the time which you had known me PRIOR to your dating my sister, who were you more afraid to have to "spill the beans" about you and her to: me or my dad?
Look at you trying to stir up crap. Actually, I didn't know your dad that well at the time. I was more afraid of telling you because I had to see you every work day and if you had reacted negatively that would have made working here a bit difficult.

3. What kind of car does Trevor have now?
It's umm... white. I think it's a BMW of some sort. No idea of the year or the details. It's "pre-owned", that I know. When he was trying to show it off was the same time that I was going through my computer problems so I was a bit pre-occupied. And it was cold outside. I wasn't wearing a coat and my layers of fat failed to keep the wind from cutting through me. From across the parking lot I can definitely say that it was a car.

4. Now that "C" is leaving the agency, whom will you write angry, work-related posts about?
Well, "CS" is gone, but I'm sure that "CP" can fill in her shoes. And I have great confidence that they will hire someone else that is totally unfit for the job. They hire AEs like Russian's play roulette. Except with five bullets instead of one. I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm hungry.

5. Describe for the good people reading your responses your desk at work and the many toys contained therein.
Therein? Or thereon? Because there are no drawers so there aren't any toys therein. Thereon I have paperclips, a document tray stack full of crap that I could probably do without, my monitors, keyboard and mouse, artwork orders that never seem to be done, a hanging paperstand with papers on it, two of Tim Burton's "The Meancholy Death of Oyster Boy" figures (I forget there names – the one with all the eyes and the robot boy), three Robocop figures, a Spawn figure and the following Zim sets: The Hot Topic exclusive 'Purple Tallest', Hot Topic "Zim" mixed in with the "Gir and Piggie" set, "Mrs. Bitters and her desk" and "Dib and his desk". Oh yeah, and the little happy rabbit (no idea what it's called) with the base that says, "hi, loser.", and a zombie Mighty Bean. And a Tech Deck Dude (The green mohawk topped brit one). And. Um. thats about it. Oh, and for today I have set up my Wacom tablet as well.

Consider the questions ANSWERED! Hah.


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