Movies for your Monday

Magical Trevor 1
Magical Trevor 2

These came to me by way of Justin C. again. No idea where he's finding them, but so far so good. They both loop so there's no end to the happiness. Sorry if it gets stuck in your head. (he saw beans lots of beans lots of beans lots of beans yah yah)

I fully expect my car to be dead before the end of the week. I hope I'm wrong, but there's a smell like burning electronics every time I drive anywhere and my brake light warning indicator keeps fading on and off. Derek suggested that it might be a leak in my brake line and brake fluid is leaking on the engine which is causing the smell. Since I have all of $50 to my name I won't be finding out for sure until next paycheck at the earliest, or until the car stops working. Or my brakes fail. So far they aren't at all mushy so I'm hoping that's not it. Ugh. I hate worrying about my car.

Could be worse though. I just found out that my neighbor's car was stolen on Thursday when she was warming it up.

Have a good week all!

CliparToon to follow in good time.


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