CliparToon #33: You head for the lungs, I'll take out the liver!

Give them a hand folks! They've done so much for the world!

I've never tried smoking or drugs and pretty much gave up on drinking quite a few years back*. Which is weird because I have an addictive personality. Pretty much everyone in my family does. I guess I'm just stubborn.

When I was a child, probably around 10, my cousin was arguing with me about smoking. She was convinced that I was going to smoke when I got older. She even said, "I'll BET you will!" And I was totally dead set against it. So to this day I never have.

See? Stubborn.

But that's not to say that I don't have my own types of vices. They just aren't the heavily taxed or illegal ones. I'm into movies and games. So I probably spend as much as your average druggie, boozer or chain smoker, but at the end of the month I'm not in a gutter, twitching and hallucinating or stink stained. And when I'm strapped for cash, like I will be for the foreseeable future, I can go back into my collection and still enjoy myself or trade some of what I own for something new. Try getting a new pack of cigs in exchange for a handful of butts. You can't.


*In the Air Force I drank a lot. Mostly while in England. And mostly hard liquor. I never really developed a taste for beer. One of my fond memories was an impromptu pup crawl that some coworkers and I did in Banbury. By the fourth pub I was wasted. Every sheet I owned was to the wind. PLUS I was talking quite loudly with a cockney accent. You know, the way an American would if he were drunk and stupid. The guys I was with were positive we were going to get jumped by the locals and have our asses walloped. We didn't, but I woke up the next day still quite drunk. And as I recall I ate a street vendor kabab that night. And enjoyed it.


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