I had my review today, oh boy.

Way back in the days when I was doing temp work (honestly, the real hard times compared to now) I was working for a company called Applied Magnetics in Monument, CO on their base plate assembly line. This would be the same job I was driving to when I rolled my VW bug. We were working on assembling a new technology at the time called "optical drives." The particular project that I was working on was code named "Skywalker" so I imagine it had something to do with George Lucas. Or the military. They never told us.

The average time to assemble a base plate before it had its optics calibrated was 25 minutes. I had some ideas, passed them along to my supervisor, he had engineering come up and work them out with me and when we were finished I could assemble a base plate in approximately 30 seconds at top speed. I got so far ahead of the optics crew assembling the plates that they had to move me to that group and only called me back to base plates when we were down to a box of 50 or so. And that was while working as a temp with nothing vested in the company's success.

The engineer that I had been working with was talking about getting me into their department as an actual employee, but it was right around the time that I applied to Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and had been accepted. I was going to be an artist! Yay me! I really wish I had chosen differently.


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