Running with an idea

is a bit safer than running with scissors. Andy's most recent post about the "Support Our Troops" magnets that are all the rage these days got me thinking. And I ran with it. So here is my cultural mashup/parody: If a "Support..." magnet is turned 90˙ counter clockwise it apparently becomes a Christian fish.* So if you change that to a Darwin fish you get "Support Evolution"

If you want one of them you can either snatch this one for yourself (CC license applies) or purchase one from my store. CliparToon to come later in the day.

* And I actually saw this on the drive in to work today. A sideways pink magnet ribbon without writing was next to a Christian fish emblem as an obvious imitation. It kinda looked like a bloated Christian salmon.

I've probably seen this dozens, if not hundreds of times around here and never realized it until Andy pointed it out. I just thought the owners were sloppy and at first I thought Andy was joking. But it seems to be happening. I'm not saying that it's a insidious plot or any thing. It's just the nature of the shape. Still, good call Andy.


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