Today just isn't my day.

Okay, I already talked about my review. It's snowing here today when it shouldn't have been. What next, o' life I happen to be living?

I know! How about screwing up my lunch! That would be novel.

I didn't feel up to eating the frozen dinner I brought today, so I decided to splurge and go to Qdoba to get a chicken taco salad for lunch.

I wasn't paying attention while it was being made so when I got back to work and took my first bite I thought, "Something's odd..." By the third bite I had figured out what it was. The thing was cold. Refrigerator cold. And the reason it was cold? Nobody bothered to actually put in the chicken.

The guy who owns the place is the one who was doing the initial prep of the orders and he put the meat in the burrito and salad before mine. So by the time it got to the next guy in the line I hadn't given it any thought. I just let him know what salsas I wanted, paid and left.

Normally, when life hands me lemons I just suck them down and chalk it up to another one of "those" days, but for once I decided to do something about it. I called them up and told the person who answered, Roberta, what had happened. She seemed a bit incredulous but said I could come in and get a coupon for two free burritos. And the funny thing? Running through my mind, the only thing I'm worried about is that she doesn't believe me and thinks I'm just after free food. That type of stuff eats at me. It matters so much what people think of me. I don't know why. But I DO know my salad has no chicken. And without the chicken it's just not the same.


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