CliparToon #31: What's more flammable than a baby?

Two babies.

Just kidding. Gasoline is more flammable than even a dozen babies.

You may ask yourself, "Self. Why would he joke about setting babies on fire? That's just sick!" Yes, I know it is. But I felt that it was necessary to get the message out. Much like baby tipping and sending them out to sea without a boat, I'm against setting them on fire. In spite of all appearances. So, if you find yourself with the urge to ignite your sibling or child I beg you, put down the matches, put down the baby (a safe distance from the matches) and take a few deep breaths. Count to ten. Go mow the lawn or something. Just don't burn the baby. Remember. Don't do it for the children.

(I would like it noted that, should I ever get sentenced to community service for any reason, this counted preemptively.)


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