CliparToon #29: Shake your butt, Joe!

Very often clipart is not a pretty thing. I have heaps of clipart so awful that I can't think of anything to say about it to try and make it funny. It's like looking over a train wreck and trying to think of something funny. I've pulled them because I had no choice. I saw them and thought, "This MUST be shared with the world!" The problem is, for the most part, anything I could say about them would just detract from the sheer awfulness of it all.

I think this one might have been borderline "that bad".

The only possible legitimate use I could think of for this wee bit'o "art" would be for an underground flyer inviting people to an all male toga party. Toga optional.

And just remember, as bad as this is, I have worse. So, be nice or I shall be forced to inflict it upon you. You've been warned.


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