Jordyn is chock full of surprises.

This weekend my ex had the kids. When I called her on Sunday to let her know that I was back and she could bring them home she told me about a newly discovered activity of our daughter. A "hobby" it would seem.

My ex had a message waiting on her phone from a woman she didn't recognize saying that for several days now she had been receiving phone calls from a sweet little girl who would call up, chat a bit, then say "I love you! Bye!" and hang up. The woman found that the calls were coming from my ex's phone as well as from mine. She said she didn't mind because the girl was always so polite, but the last call came at two in the morning and she had a feeling that we didn't know about it.

My ex called her back and talked for a bit and discovered that the woman was the mother of one of our son's friends. The number was on a piece of paper by my phone. Apparently our daughter had decided that the time was right in her life for her to start reaching out and touching someone. I'm just relieved it was someone local. And not only was she able to dial the number in the correct order, but she memorized it quite easily.

It was explained to her that she is only to use the phone to call me at work, her mom at her home, Heather, and my mom. And if there is an emergency she should call... and she interrupted me, "I know! I call 9-1-1."

Now I'm try to teach her the phone numbers that she needs to know, including the area code in case she's ever out of the city and needs to phone home. The problem is she's fantastic at learning things on her own, she just not too keen on being taught. Wish me luck.


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