CliparToon #37: Look out yellow flower!

All I can say is that is one hell of a long cutting string. Or wire. Whatever they call that thing that cuts on a weed eater. That would take you off at your ankles if you were to try to use it. Fortunately it appears to be self propelled. But now that it has the taste for flower blood it'll need to be put down before it ruins everything that is good in this world. Etc.

Personally I've never had a problem with dandelions. They aren't as repulsive as some weeds and tend to keep a low profile. And they are hell to pull up. I remember many a hot summer day when I was sent out with the weeding implements and orders to not come back in until I've filled a garbage bag with the tenacious little yellow bastards. As the day wore on I would get to the point where I would shove anything into the bag to fill it up: leaves, flowers, rocks, branches, slow pets, neighborhood kids who wandered into the yard at the wrong time. As long as I could stuff it in the bag and cover it with a thin layer of dandelions, it was doomed.

I miss having a yard but I do not miss the yard work.


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