CliparToon #34: Noooo! Think of the children!

She'll do it too. I know it's hard to see at that size, but that is one hardened, evil little girl. You can see it in her eyes. That's what happens when your parents dress you in a sack. Best you do what she says Santa and give up the toys. You can always avoid her next year. Or even send a couple of elves in one night to rough her up. But as of this moment she's got you cold. Best to cooperate. For now. You're no good to anyone dead.

You might be thinking, "Why didn't you hold on to this one until Christmas?" If you aren't, why not? I'm so disappointed in you.

Two reasons. The first is there's no shortage of bad, bad Christmas clipart. There's one folder alone that probably has enough to last me all of my remaining Christmases. And second, I'll be surprised if I can keep this going past the 4th of July. Making it to Christmas with this is highly unlikely.


Now on to Fizzle & Pop store news.

Making that ribbon has renewed my interest in actually putting stuff in my store that sells. I've added a variation of Heather's mermaid as both a small poster and a mini poster print. And, once I upgrade my store, I'll be offering CliparToon t-shirts and other posters, such as my stippled drawing of the Kite. Between now and when I upgrade I'm going to work on new stuff as well.

My goal is to apply any profit I make from this to my student loans. Heh.

If anyone has seen something at my sites that I created that they would like as one of the multitude of products that Cafe Press offers, just ask.


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