Clipartoon #38: If I had a line then I just crossed it.

Sorry about this one folks. I'm sure this will be quite offensive to at least three of you out there, but won't it look great on a t-shirt? I took Derek's comment about the last one being the "worst clipart ever" and decided to prove him wrong. This one still isn't the worst ever – I have worse – but this one is most certainly worse than the flowers. So, hah!

Now let's talk about the art itself. I believe it was located in "humorous cartoon animals" or something similar. When I first saw it I couldn't decide what was more offensive, the "skill" used to draw it or what it seems to be suggesting. I mean, really. It's elbow deep in a honey jar and is winking at the viewer with one eyebrow suggestively arched, licking its lips, has a crooked smile and has its other hand resting on its rump. I think only a young child or someone very innocent would not see anything wrong with it. It's as though a pervert with a pen tried to draw that famous Disney owned* bear from memory.

What is possibly more wrong in my opinion though is someone, at some point might have been paid actual money to draw this thing. It both gives me hope and makes me sad.


* I do know that Disney was in litigation over the ownership of that particular bear. The last I heard they were losing but I just learned from Wikipedia that they won. Way to go Dark Side! You rock!


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