Clipartoon #24: Why? Why not?!

Okay, I scheduled an appointment to have the car looked at Thursday morning. Now we'll see if will last that long.

An interesting thing that came up this weekend. Well, to me at least. Heather was checking out a death clock style site and she entered information for both of us into the thing and found that she should live into her 70s and I would snuff it in my 50s – about 20 years from now. That reminded me of when I was messing around with a similar site a year or so ago. I discovered by fiddling around with my inputs that an even greater impact on my longevity than losing weight would be changing my attitude from pessimistic to optimistic. Just getting my weight under control would only add about six years, but a change in attitude would add about 15 years or so. But how does a lifelong pessimist develop a sunny outlook? I just don't know and (no surprise) I don't think I can.

I'm not saying that I don't hope. I "hope" that my car makes it to Thursday and I think there's a good chance it will, but I'm sure you can guess what I expect.


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