Why I haven't posted for the last couple of days.

Funny, I got so used to posting something every day of the work week that it's felt a bit strange to not post for two days. (Said in a quavery old man's voice) Way back in the day it was rare for me to post more than once or twice a week. Some weeks would pass without a post at all. I guess that's what's know as "progress".

Since the middle of Tuesday I've been without a functioning computer of my own here at work. My G5 was acting a bit strange for awhile. From day one I've had the mouse lock up. On Tuesday it had progressed from that to constant crashing in Photoshop and Suitcase. I thought it was a font conflict and tried to resolve it myself without luck. I even received a few grey screens telling me I had to hold down my power button to reboot. So I called Mike, our tech guy and he came out and worked on it the rest of Tuesday.

Yesterday I came in hoping that it was resolved, but no luck. If anything it had gotten worse. Every program I tried to run was crashing. I'd get one email sent and the mail program would go down. It was nuts. Even more strange was it was passing the hardware tester jut fine, however Mike couldn't reinstall the OS. It would lock up while running from the CD which indicated that it WAS a hardware problem. I had to go back to working on our last remaining G4 and I was amazed by how slow it felt. It was like trying to do my job while encased in lead. But it wasn't crashing, so I could at least do some of my job.

Mike had just received the G5 that was to replace the G4 that I was working on and he brought it in to try out a hard drive swap. That would show if it was the drive or the computer. He put my drive in the new G5 and started it up. Everything seemed fine so he took my old G5 back to his shop and I resumed working on a fast computer. Everything seems to be fine now.

I just received a call from Mike while I was typing this and he told me that while he was testing the wonky computer he saw a puff of smoke come out the back. It had fried the hard drive. I was one day away from losing everything. Talk about cutting it close.

Enough about work, on to something funny. And CliparToons will resume eventually (for anyone who might be missing them).

Awhile back Defective Yeti ran a post where he asked people to comment with their favorite jokes. Here are the ones that I liked most from what was offered:

2a. Buddha walks into a pizza joint and says, "Make me one with everything."

2b. Cashier: "That'll be $9.50"
Buddha hands him a ten. Waits. Waits. He says, "Where's my change?"
Cashier replies, "Change must come from within"
Why did the blonde go to church?
[Stretch arms out to sides] She heard there was a guy in there hung like this .
A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel in his pants. He walks up to the bar, sits down, and orders a pint. As the bartender gets a good look at the pirate, he notices the wheel and asks, "Hey matey, do you realize you've got a steering wheel in your pants there?"

Pirate says, "Arr... it's drivin' me nuts."
A little boy asks his dad "Dad, what's the difference between truth and reality?"

The dad says "Go ask your mother if she would have sex with anyone for a million dollars."

The boy asks and she says "Yes."

He comes back to his dad and says "She said yes. But what's the difference between truth and reality?"

The dad says: "Go ask your sister if she would sleep with anyone for two million dollars."

He comes back and says: "She says yes. But dad, what's the difference between truth and reality?!?"

The dad says: Well, the truth is we're sitting on a gold mine but the reality is we're living with two whores.

Do any of you have a joke or computer horror story that you would like to share?


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